Roofing Terms: Fascia

Roofing Terms: Fascia

In our last article we talked about the soffit.  For this article, we’re going to continue to explore that section of the roof by discussion the fascia.  The fascia is, in an architectural sense, the horizontal frieze or band that is situated directly underneath the edge of the roof. Fascia is a Latin word that means “band, bandage, ribbon, or swathe.”  

In classical architecture, it was a plain, wide band that was underneath the entablature and directly above the columns.  In modern architecture, the fascia tends to sit up under the soffit and directly behind the gutters, and creates a trim around the edge of the house. This trim can create a finished, ordered look to the exterior of the home that is extremely pleasing.

Fascias are an often overlooked but extremely important part of your roof.  Not only do they fill the hole underneath the soffit (which helps protect wandering animals from gaining access to the inside of your home), they also help support the gutters, protect the roof from weather damage, and, together with the soffit, can be a part of any attic ventilation system.

Because the fascias on your home are continuously exposed to the elements and, potentially, to all sorts of animals, it is important that they are routinely inspected for wear, rot, and damage.  If any problems are detected, the fascia should be replaced in order to ensure that the rest of the roof continues to receive the support that it needs.

Fascias can be painted a wide variety of colors, and are an easy way to change or update the exterior of your home.  Make sure that the color complements (either by matching or intentionally contrasting) the siding of your home in order to give your exterior a polished, modern look.

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