What is Shingle Delamination?

What is Shingle Delamination?

Your roof is an extremely important feature of your home. Not only does it protect your home from the elements (and intruders) but it defines the overall look of your exterior. For this reason, you want to make sure that your roof is always in good repair. For homeowners with laminate shingles on their roof, one of the most common problems is shingle delamination. To help you understand this potential issue, here is our quick guide to shingle delamination.

The most basic definition of delamination is the separation of the laminate layers of an object. In the case of laminate shingles, there are two laminate layers (the base and the overlay). While these two layers are sealed during construction of the shingle, if the shingle is not properly fastened, it is very easy for the layers to separate. This is known as shingle delamination.

Manufacturers are fairly specific on the type and number of fasteners that are used for different types of shingles. In the case of laminate shingles, manufacturers ask for four fasteners to be used (six in high wind areas or roofs with steep slopes). To help roofers out, the manufacturer usually include color coded lines to guide the roofer in correctly fastening the shingle to the roof.

Of course, it’s not only important that the shingles are fastened in the correct spot. It is also important that the fasteners penetrate all the way through the shingle and into the roof. Without that penetration, it is still possible for the layers to separate.

It is fairly easy to spot shingle delamination. Some of the most obvious signs are shingles that look like they are crumbling or that appear cupped. You may also find pieces of your shingles in your gutters. If you spot any of these signs, contact us. We will come examine your roof and let you know what repairs are needed in order to keep your roof in good shape.


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