Why You Should Build Your Deck in Late Summer

Why You Should Build Your Deck in Late Summer

There is nothing like having a new deck in your backyard. A deck creates an opportunity to sit and relax, while soaking up the sun and the outdoors. It also provides a gathering place for your family and friends.

For this reason, spring tends to be the prime season for building a new deck. Homeowners anticipate a full summer season of sitting, eating and playing outside with their friends and family. However, due to the demand, spring – and even the second most popular season, winter – can be a rough time to build a deck. Not only are you fighting for your contractors time and attention, you are subject to the higher prices that come with high demand.

If you’ve been thinking about building a deck, late summer and fall are two of the best times to start your project. Here’s a look at just three reasons why:

Better schedules: As the busy summer season comes to an end, your contractor will have more time and attention to give to your project. Often this means a shorter wait time to get the project started and quicker completion.

Better prices: As contractors head into the off-season, they still need to keep their crews busy. Often this results in them willing to give better prices or discounts.

Better weather: Decks built during the winter and spring can suffer from unpredictable weather. Your project often goes a lot smoother in the late summer and early fall when weather patterns tend to be much more predictable.

Depending on where you live, it is also possible that there will still be time to enjoy your deck this season. Fall barbecues, carnivals, and fire pits can keep your deck busy long after the summer sun has set. Plus, with your deck completed ahead of the spring rush, you can rest assured that you will have a full season of summer fun next year.

If you are worried about whether or not its too late in the year to build a deck, the answer is no!


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