Building the Best Roof for Your Commercial Property

Building the Best Roof for Your Commercial Property

When building your commercial roof, there are vital questions you must consider. Ask yourself the questions below and ponder these roofing material options before beginning your commercial roof building process.

Investment Objectives

What is the length of ownership and length of your warranty? What is the budget you’ve set? Is there any possibility for capital?

Property Usage

What type of traffic will the roof be getting and how often? Is the roof going to be used as a patio for company parties or an outdoor cafeteria, or perhaps a playground or garden? Will your roof be seen by top company executives on a regular basis or will it only be seen once a year by a scruffy repairman? If it will be visible, you might want to invest more in its aesthetic quality.

Property Damage

Unfortunately in this world, we all must prepare for the worst. You must consider the costs to your business if any damage were to occur to the roof. Would there be expensive property damage inside the building if the roof leaked? Perhaps you own an apartment complex—how would the roof damage affect residents? How long would it take to repair the damage and how much would it cost?

Property Location

Your building’s location will largely determine the materials used on the roof. Is your property along the Puget Sound in Washington, Cape Cod in Massachusetts, or the Florida Keys? If it’s coastal, then you need more wind resistant materials. Is your property in Cincinnati, Jackson Hole, or St. Paul where it snows more than half the year? Then you need more insulation. Big city buildings are often warmer, so use reflective options for cooling and energy efficiency.

Now that we’ve touched on the questions to consider, let’s talk about the kinds of roofing material you can use.

Single Ply Roofing

This type of roofing contains membranes that offer exceptional weather durability, strength, and flexibility. These membranes can be sensitive to tear and puncture, but are notably resistant to chemicals, grease, and UV rays. Single ply roofing comes in three types—the TPO and PVC kinds deliver a high reflectivity which keeps your building cool and reduces cooling costs. This roofing option is great for city buildings that often heat up.

Built Up Roofing

Built up roofing or BUR is great for water and weather resistance and provides high tensile strength. It has been proven as a long lasting performer, so you won’t have to worry about constantly checking it or worrying about possible damage.

Modified Bitumen

Modified Bitumen provides increased elasticity due to its asphalt-based membrane blended with synthetic rubber. It also comes with several surfacing options that can create reflectivity. Like BUR, this is a long lasting performer, ensuring its continued durability.

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