Making Sure Your Roof Is Safe for Santa’s Arrival

Making Sure Your Roof Is Safe for Santa’s Arrival

“Up on the housetop, reindeer paws. Out jumps good old Santa Claus. Up on the housetop click, click, click. Down through the chimney with good St. Nick.” Though it’s a fun jingle, this classic Christmas song is also a good reminder to make sure your roof is in good shape during the holidays.

Winter can be the most damaging time of year for your roof and now is as good a time as any to make sure that your roof can handle the heavy snow and winter weather. If you suspect that your roof may need some maintenance, there are a few things you can check.

Look in your attic for signs of leakage. The attic, a common place for roof leaks, is often overlooked, as you don’t go there very often. Grab a flashlight and check the ceiling and walls of your attic for water damage or mold, both signs that your roof is leaking.

If your roof is not covered in snow, stand out on your front lawn and look at your roof with binoculars, if you have them. If you see sagging sections, missing shingles, or anything else that looks out of place, your roof probably needs some work done.

Get a closer look at your roof for signs of rotting, pools of water or ice, and mold. Any of these things can seriously affect the security of your roof. As you do this, make sure you have someone hold the ladder and take all of the proper safety precautions.

If your roof is covered in snow, climb up a secure ladder and take a closer look. Clear away snow from the roof flashing to ensure it is free of ice or damage. Also, look in your gutters for shingle particles. This is a sign that your shingles are getting old and falling apart.

If you’re careful, you can check all these things yourself, but it might be a better idea to call the professionals to do it for you. They will be safe and careful and know exactly what to look for. As you look for a professional to help you take care of your roof problems, you’ll want to make sure you get help from a good company.

We at Roofing Xteriors can offer the best of service for your winter roofing needs. We have 25+ years of experience and have only your best interest in mind. Call us today and we can help you make sure that Santa enters your home through your chimney, and not through your roof.

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