Roofing Materials: Slate and Tile

Roofing Materials: Slate and Tile

It seems like a lot of the new homes in Utah are being built with composite roofing materials. There are many reasons why builders might select this material as their default for roofing. For one, it’s cost effective. This is because it’s both relatively cheaper than other materials and it is also very easy to install. It is also very easy to work with once it has been installed as well. So, if anyone has to perform maintenance the roof, clean gutters, or do any painting, workers can easily walk across the shingles and reach everywhere they need to go.

There are however, many different types of roofing materials besides composites. Many of them are very beautiful, but all of them have different strengths and weaknesses. Keep in mind that just about all roofing materials are going to be more expensive than composites and require much more attention.

Slate and tile roofing are examples of two materials that can be the perfect touch on the right home. Both of these materials have very long lifespans. In fact, tile is often expected to outlast the building materials it is set on. Both of these materials are also highly fire resistant. Yet another benefit that both of these materials share is that they are both highly resistant to pests and other biohazards like rot from mold.

There are however some drawbacks to using these roofing materials. For one, both materials are quite heavy. Sometimes, they may be too heavy for a particular structure and consequently require expensive modifications for support. Another large drawback to both of these materials is that they are difficult to install and work with once installed. This is mostly due to the fact that the tiles and slate aren’t meant to hold the weight of a human. So, installation must be carefully planned and any maintenance that requires roof access may become complicated.

A drawback that is more particular to slate is that it only comes in the colors of slate that are naturally available. While this natural look may also be a benefit, some homeowners may not feel that the slate matches their color scheme. There are however, many varieties of slate and it shouldn’t be too difficult to match a particular scheme if slate is the homeowners particular preference.

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