Metal Roofing

Metal roofing offers an unbeatable durability and longevity. In addition to being self-sufficient and environmentally friendly, the metal roof is aesthetically very adaptable, and can simulate a wide variety of other roofing types.

Metal roofing is highly dependable and long-lasting. Depending on the style and materials you choose, a metal roof can last up to 70 years, and is quickly becoming a highly popular and viable option for homeowners who want their roof to maintain a steady value as it ages. A metal roof is a particularly suitable selection for homes with steeply slanted rooflines, where other types of roofing might not fare as well.

Once put into place, metal roofing is very low maintenance and highly energy efficient. A metal roof will be wind, water and fire resistant (and will undoubtedly stop potential fire hazards from a lightning strike). It will also reflect the sun effectively to keep cooling costs down in the summer, and prove resilient to any unexpected extreme weather conditions.

Contrary to popular belief, metal roofing is incredibly versatile. In today’s market, a wide variety of styles, colors, and combinations are available to homeowners. Metal roofing can even be made to mimic the aesthetics of other types of roofing, making it adaptable to any neighborhood aesthetic. In addition to its aesthetic versatility, metal roofing is one of the most environmentally friendly options on the market today, with higher recycling potential than ever.

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