Waterproofing and treatment is an incredibly valuable investment for your property. It may not seem necessary if you haven't experienced any particularly wet seasons, but as the water table rises, so does the potential for leaks in your home. Let Roofing Xteriors take a look at your property and see if there is potential danger for water leakage in the foreseeable future. We can make sure your danger areas are protected with our polyurethane or bituminous coatings!

What type of waterproofing project do I have?

  • New construction
  • Addition to home or property
  • Existing home
  • Rooftop gardens/planters
  • Walkways, decks, balconies

Are there current issues or concerns?

  • Water damage
  • Cracking or curling
  • Settling of structure
  • Insufficient drainage
  • High water table

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Waterproofing is the treatment of a surface to prevent water movement under hydrostatic pressure. When the water table rises in the ground water from water events, the pressure increases and ground water is pushed up into the foundation in many different directions. Additionally, with the weathers winds, snow, hail, and rain, the force of each storm causes the water to penetrate unprotected areas. The water then naturally finds cracks, crevices and other structural deficiencies, which can lead to interior water seepage or dampness. There are several different types of waterproofing available. Some of the most common exterior options are: liquid membranes, Polyurethane liquid membranes, bituminous coatings, and bituminous membranes. These products can be used in many different applications on homes, buildings, and structures, from foundations, roofs, slab on grade concrete, decks, rooftop gardens, planters, floors, parking structures and walls.